Whats up Footy fans! I’m beyond excited to be back with another educational video understanding the struggles Blacks go through on the field and corporately.

For my 42nd episode, I was honored to partner with the Professional soccer club, The Charlotte Independence! I had 6 Professional Independence Players join, one of the pro coaches, 5 youth academy directors and other local influential people(14 total), all come together to have an open discussion raising awareness to acts of racism within our sport!

Listen to us talk about how the club (The Independence) has been handling diversity issues over the months from our perspectives, Raw stories on the struggles they’ve had to perceiver through to get to where they are, what needs to change and how we can fix it plus many more topics that highlight and educate everyone on racial issues still on going present day.

Never has Pro players, Pro coaches, club directors and other influencers come together for a needed discussion on racial injustices within the Soccer system! The education never stops, its time we all learned to effect change!

You also get unique insight from every players club and city on how they’re dealing with the virus and the season starting back up. We share insight on what we think owners and fans should do to support Black players and raw stories you won’t get anywhere else.

Meet my guests!

Pro Independence Players:

  • Aaron Maund – 9 year pro
  • Clay Dimick – 2nd year pro
  • Tresor Mbuyu – 2 year pro
  • Shalom Dutey – Rookie season
  • Hugh Roberts – 7 year pro
  • Duke LaCroix – 5 year pro

Independence Pro Coach:

  • Nathan Walzer – Charlotte Independence 1st Team Coach – Charlotte Independence Soccer Club Director of Goalkeeping

Independence Academy Directors:

  • Cleveland Sellers III – CISC Soccer Parent – Racism Task Force Member
  • Thomas Finley – CEO Charlotte Independence Soccer Club
  • Sarah Vogelwede – Charlotte Independence Soccer Club Director/Coach
  • Keith Poston -Director / Coach Charlotte Independence Soccer Club
  • Drew Polly – Coach Charlotte Independence Soccer Club

Other local Influencers:

  • Mark Wright- A top Black ESPN journalist ( hear his story on Byf ep 34)
  • Sandra Gaston – Soccer Parent/ On local board for racism

The talk was in coordination with the Charlotte Independence Soccer Club’s launch of One Club One Love, an anti-racism campaign to bring awareness to the acts of racism within our sport, industry and cultural biases that exist in the soccer communities.

One Club One Love is a Youth club initiated platform that stands against all types of racism within our soccer club. It addresses the educational platforms from player education, coaching education, and parent education that ultimately can bring awareness and support to the youth in our community to stand up and advocate for each other when they are subject to the biases that exist.

A huge thanks to all my guests for joining me on the show. for joining me on the show!

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