The Cookout Pt 2

I’m very excited to announce that the “Cookout” part ✌🏿(Virtually) is here! The cookout is where I bring a group together for a “cookout “ to discuss everything Footy from multiple perspectives. ( Watch part 1 on YouTube). For this 2nd cookout edition, I have most of the major soccer podcast shows here in Charlotte +USL Championship legends, who are also thriving off the field! Tune in for great insight into the other local Footy CLT podcasters and Pro athletes off the field.This is a free flowing, round table show thats fulled with knowledge.

My guests:

  • First up we have former guest Ben Gorshon the host of Talkn Jacks, the Charlotte Independence supporter group podcast.
  •  Next we have Jay Landskroener the Host of the Mint City Collective, Mint City pod , the new supporter group show for the new Charlotte MLS team coming next season in 2021.
  • Next I have another former guest QCFC (QUeen City Football Chronicle) hosted by Ashley Mahoney the #1 soccer source here in Charlotte.
  • Next I have the Queens English soccer show, hosted by 2 UK 🇬🇧 guys who support the new Charlotte MLS team but bring a foreign perspective on the game.

Now for the USL Championship legends… I’m honored to have

  • The 2015 USL GOY, Brandon Miller the owner of Prime Focus GK and host of the Last line soccer show, brining you the GKs perspective on and off the field.
  • Lastly we have the Loudoun FC captain! Peabo Doue who hosts his own show called the HMWGRWN, bringing you insight into the Footy culture on and off the field.

This was an incredible episode full of insight and different perspectives you’ll all want to listen to. Rate comment and subscribe!

A huge thanks to all my guests for joining me on this incredible show!

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