BYF EP 50: Being a Black woman in this sport with Jasmine Spencer of Angel City FC

It was incredible having Jasmine share her experiences playing professionally all over the world! She’s a pioneer in the NWSL and for black women internationally, someone who’s overcome mountains of obstacles, you don’t want to miss her story!

She’s also my first women’s professional athlete so this is a special one!

Jas, currently plays for Angel City FC in Los Angeles and is an 11 year pro. She helped form the Black Women’s Player Collective and is heavily involved in minority communities across the country. Listen to us discuss:

  • Her Journey to Pro
  • Her career internationally
  • Lack of footy access in black communities
  • The importance of black youth in this game
  • How that impacts our community
  • How we can fix that
  • Our Experiences
A very exciting episode i’m proud to share! Lots of insightful information you won’t get anywhere else, an episode everyone can learn from. Thank you for tuning in! Follow along and stay tuned the rest of the season for more shows and guests! Big shoutout to Jas for joining!

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