Ep 45 with Charlotte’s City Council member Larken Egleston

What’s up Footy Fans! I have an incredible and very informative episode for you guys with a special guest. It was an honor to have Larken Egleston, a City council member from Charlotte’s district 1 on the show with me. He is a big Footy fan as well, hear insight from his experiences at Independence games.

Listen to us talk about:

  • His role on the city council
  • “Tent city” and the homelessness struggles in the city
  • How the BLM movement effected the city and new laws enacted b/c of it
  • And creatIng a more diverse culture corporately and in communities

A very exciting episode i’m proud to share! Lots of insightful information you won’t get anywhere else, an episode everyone can learn from. Thank you for tuning in!

Thank you Larken for joining me on the show!
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