EP 43: Jake Edwards, President of the USL

What’s up Footy Fans, it’s great to be back! For my last episode of the year I have the USL President here with me, Jake Edwards! He’s been the president since 2015 and one of the lead catalysts in propelling the USL to become one of the most prominent 2nd division soccer leagues in the world.
Listen to us talk about everything you’ve wanted to know!
  • The current plan for the 2021 season
  • His journey to becoming the VP then President
  • What happened behind the scenes for this years 2020 Covid-19 season
  • How he handled discriminatory issues throughout the league
  • His thoughts on the issues in this country and new relationship with the new BPA and birth of the new Impact committee
Lots of insightful information you won’t get anywhere else! An episode everyone can learn from!  I’m proud to share. Thank you for tuning in!
Thank you Jake for joining me on the show!!

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