BYF Episode 48: Ray Gaddis- The lack of blacks in higher positions

What’s up Footy Fans! BYF is now in California! A brand new market with new cities I can’t wait to share stay tuned. It’s great to get back started for the new year.

I have some very exciting guests lined up and new behind the scenes content to share. To start off the new year, for black history month I wanted to do something different. I got together a couple guests to educate you on specific topics that needed to be discussed in this game. It was an incredible honor to have a black icon in the footy world, someones who’s a pioneer for blacks in this game, Ray Gaddis! Ray, currently plays for FC Cincinnati in the MLS and is a 10 year pro. He helped form the black player alliance and is heavily involved in minority communities across the country. Listen to us discuss:

– Lack of black coaches in MLS

– Lack of blacks in managerial positions

– How that impacts our community

– What he currently does in his communities

– His Future goals

A very exciting episode I’m proud to share! Lots of insightful information you won’t get anywhere else, an episode everyone can learn from. Thank you for tuning in!

Follow along and stay tuned the rest of the season for more shows and guests! Big shoutout to my bro Ray for joining! Rate comment and subscribe!

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