Live show #3 with Gabriel Obertan & Independence players

What’s up Footy Fans it’s great to be back! BYF has grown tremendously over the months, from live podcast shows to bts visuals on game days, BYF has been more than just a podcast. Tune into the 3rd live show I’ve hosted at Free Range brewery (previous one on youtube). These shows have been a great experience for fans to get to know us more on a personal level.  I have a bunch of Independence players on as well as the new signing Gabriel Obertan from Manchester United.  It was an honor to have these guests with an amazing pedigree!
Listen to us talk about:
  • Their thoughts on the new memorial stadium
  • Gabriel’s experiences in the English premier league
  • How they prepare for long stretches in a season
  • What they do outside the field
  • And a fan Q&A

A very exciting episode i’m proud to share! Lots of insightful information you won’t get anywhere else, an episode everyone can learn from. Thank you for tuning in!

Follow along and stay tuned the rest of the season for more shows and guests!

Thank you to everyone for joining me on the show!

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