NYRB II star Omar Sowe’s coming to build on a breakout 2020 season and get ready for MLS

2020 was a breakout season for New York Red Bull II‘s Omar Sowe. In 14 matches, the talented forward was able to score seven goals on just 20 shots, adding 19 key passes to the NYRB2 attack. “I think the main reason I had a really good season last year was because I had a really good team, as in where I was a part of a puzzle, where I fit perfectly,” Sowe told BGN. “It was a team effort, and I was just lucky enough to be at the end of it, where the team worked together, and I did my part of that.”

“I feel like that is something that this year’s team as of the past two weeks of preseason, I feel like there is really a good connection there and I think that is going to lead to a really good season for the team and myself this year.”

Still only 20 years old, Sowe is a promising prospect for the Red Bulls’ first team and will be working on earning an opportunity with the MLS club. He said, “I think for myself as a player there is a lot that I can work on individually that can better my game that will also prepare me for the MLS level.”

“I feel like I’ve had a bit of experience with the past preseason camp and the last couple months of last year, I’ve been with the first team, so I’ve got an idea of the level of intensity. It is something I can carry into this year with and hopefully I’ll be ready for the MLS level.”

In this year’s first-team preseason camp that he’s referencing, the reports are that he handled himself well. Sowe said, “I think it was a good preseason. I have definitely gained more, and I always try to gain, but this time was a lot because it was a short span, but in that short span, we did a lot in terms of tactics and playing style and all of that. We had time in certain positions, for example, striker position throughout one whole day of preseason.”

“It helps us a lot because we get that individual attention from the coaches to be to help us develop individually. I think all the first team guys helped me out during the preseason. I have picked up a lot from them and they have helped me out a lot, even players who are not in my certain position. Overall, it was a really cool experience to be with the first team during preseason.”

Omar also picked up yoga while with the first team, explaining that the club would bring in a yoga instructor sometimes. “It was pretty cool,” he said. “It was a great way for team bonding as well, so it was really great to start doing that at a young age.”

When he’s not going yoga poses, another person that Omar’s been able to learn from has been John Wolyniec. As the head coach of Red Bulls II since their inception in 2015, Wolyniec has displayed an elite ability to develop talent. “A little part of him has like a player’s mindset, it is pretty cool because he will give us insights where we see, and we are trying to hone on it and trying to develop it,” Sowe explained. “He also does it from a player’s aspect. I think it is really cool to be learning from him.”

“All in all, I think that every day he has cool tricks for us to learn and things that helps out everyone’s game. He does a great job in helping us develop.”

Sowe moved to Harrison, New Jersey from Gambia when he was nine years old. He gets to play for his adopted home team with the Red Bulls, but he’d also love the chance to represent where he was born. “I have always wanted to represent my homeland at the international level,” Omar said. “I am working hard and ready whenever I’m given the opportunity. I am excited and ready to wear the colors.”

While you may refer to Sowe as a “hometown hero” when he’s playing for the Red Bulls organization, he doesn’t see it that way. “I do not feel like I’m a hero,” he said. “I’m just doing what makes me happy and representing my family as well as the town of Harrison. It is something my brothers and I have been doing and will continue to do.”

Sowe and Red Bulls II will take on Hartford Athletic in their season opener on April 30th. The match will be the first Friday action of the USL Championship schedule with kickoff set for 7 PM Eastern from MSU Soccer Park in New Jersey.

Carson A Merk

Reporting live from Sin City, I have covered both RGVFC and Las Vegas Lights FC since their inceptions. I also write profiles to highlight players from the NCAA to USL to NWSL and everywhere in between.