USL Championship Conference Finals: BGN Predictions

We’re officially down to four clubs vying for the 2020 USL Championship title. Louisville City FC will try to advance to their fourth straight USL Cup Final, but they will have to defeat the talented Tampa Bay Rowdies to do so. Out West, El Paso Locomotive FC will be looking to get to the final match in just their second season and will do battle with Phoenix Rising FC, who lost the 2018 final to Lou City FC.

For predictions of which two sides will face off in the USL Cup Final, we have: Matthew Cox of The Unused Substitutes, Dylan of Orange and Black SoccerCast, Ben “Goose” Goshorn (formerly of Talkin Jacks), Marisa of The Fair Weather Podcast, Carson A. Merk of The Other Football Podcast & BGN editor, Benton Newman of Vamos Morados, Edson Ochoa of Down in the Valley, Ivan Ornelas of Tectonic Takes, Robin Pryor of Hot Brown Soccertown, Alan Underwood of Orange and Black SoccerCast & The Fair Weather Podcast, Evan Villella of The USL Show and Views from the Bridge, Chris Walker of The Fair Weather Podcast & Seek and Strike, Ben Wright of Speedway Soccer.

(Predicted winner, predicted scoreline, key player to watch)

Louisville City FC vs. Tampa Bay Rowdies

Matthew: Tampa Bay Rowdies, 2-1, Juan Tejada

Dylan: Tampa Bay Rowdies, 2-1, Leo Fernandes

Goose: Tampa Bay Rowdies, 2-1, Lucky Mkosana

Marisa: Louisville City FC, 3-2

Carson: Louisville City FC, 3-2, Speedy Williams

Benton: Louisville City FC, 2-1, Speedy Williams

Edson: Louisville City FC, 2-1, Kyle Murphy

Ivan: Louisville City FC, 2-1, Cameron Lancaster

Robin: Louisville City FC, 2-0, Sean Totsch

Alan: Louisville City FC, 3-1, Cameron Lancaster

Evan: Louisville City FC, 3-1, Cameron Lancaster/Forrest Lasso

Chris: Louisville City FC, 3-1

Ben: Louisville City FC, 3-1, Cameron Lancaster

Recap:  Louisville City FC (10), Tampa Bay Rowdies (3)

Phoenix Rising FC vs. El Paso Locomotive FC

Matthew: El Paso Locomotive FC, 2-2 (3-2 AET), Solomon Asante (Watch to make sure he doesn’t punch the ball again)

Dylan: El Paso Locomotive FC, 2-1, Dylan Mares

Goose: El Paso Locomotive FC, Dylan Mares

Marisa: El Paso Locomotive FC, 3-2

Carson: Phoenix Rising FC, 2-0, Solomon Asante

Benton: El Paso Locomotive FC, 3-2, Solomon Asante

Edson: El Paso Locomotive FC, 1-1 (El Paso wins on PKs), Logan Ketterer

Ivan: Phoenix Rising FC, 1-1 (4-3 on PKs), Solomon Asante

Robin: El Paso Locomotive FC, 2-1, Leandro Carrijo

Alan: Phoenix Rising FC, 2-1, Logan Ketterer

Evan: Phoenix Rising FC, 2-1, Leandro Carrijo

Chris: El Paso Locomotive FC, 2-2 (5-4 on PKs), Leandro Carrijo

Ben: El Paso Locomotive FC, 1-1 (El Paso wins on PKs), El Paso Head Coach Mark Lowry

Recap: El Paso Locomotive FC (9), Phoenix Rising FC (4)

Carson A Merk

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