S2 E25 Remember NMU – Talking New Mexico United

Chris and Alicia are back to discuss New Mexico United’s 1-0 win over San Antonio FC in Episode No. 25: Remember NMU

Remember NMU: In their inaugural season, they split the season series with San Antonio. United defeated them 3-0 (Chris Wehan 2 goals) in Albuquerque and SAFC clapped back with a 5-0 (Cristian Parano 1 goal) win at ToyotaField. SAFC drew with Colorado Springs and United advanced into the play-in round of the 2019 playoffs.

Remember NMU: SAFC hosted United, who was 8-4-3 on the road/overall Saturday night for the Western Conference Quarterfinals. SAFC was 7-0-1 at home this season and 10-3-3 overall. The match had its obvious flares with Parano and Jordan Perruzza being dangerous for SAFC. United’s Amando Moreno and Wehan also brought damage and it would be Wehan to find the goal at 101 minutes after taking the same exact shot on the other end twenty minutes earlier.

Remember NMU: El Paso Locomotive is the United’s Western Conference Semifinal opponent. This will be the two teams’ sixth-time seeing each other (including Preseason). Chris and Alicia talked about the El Paso match up from a pratical standpoint. Alicia addressed her expectations, which veered to the tactical side. We will have much more coverage during the week. We will be releasing additional coverage on Locomotive and United.

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