S3 E029 RGV 2.0 – Talking New Mexico United

Chris and Alicia sit down for the weekly episode to get ready for New Mexico United’s first match on the road against Rio Grande Valley FC.

But first some NFL Draft talk. Alicia is a huge San Francisco 49ers fan and Chris rides with the Las Vegas Raiders. She expressed the relief of her squad not drafting Mac Jones. Chris, being a huge Alabama Crimson Tide fan, told her why Jones was a quality pick and hits #BamaCast mode for a moment. Chris kicked off jersey talk from the NFL and jumped into the New Mexico United Electric Turquoise 3rd Kit.

Chris went to Electric Playhouse and had his thoughts on the kit. The biggest was the color. Alicia gave her take on the new kit top. Both agreed that it’s #AquaMint. They both bought it. New Mexico United owner Peter Trevisani was on #PodCursed talking about it and a 4th, 5th, and 6th kit. Chris and Alicia tried to guess the sponsor.

Alicia has a hunch New Mexico United’s new kit sponsor is Dion’s and Chris concedes that it’s the best “New Mexico” brand to go on the kit. There was a shameless plug for a pizza sponsorship. They also weigh in on Trevisani’s mention of a possible USL Women’s League being equivalent to a League 2 side.

Lastly, Chris and Alicia take a crack at previewing RGV more specifically and discuss their New Mexico United expectations, lineup thoughts, goalkeeper decision from the ahead of the first match of the regular season.

Match 1 Predictions:

Chris: New Mexico United (W, 3-1)

Alicia: New Mexico United (W, 2-1)

Match Day Contest!

Look out listeners as there will be a running contest on Twitter an hour before Match Day. Get in on the action and there will be some swag you can win.