Roster Moves, Petty Messages, and Wish Lists

In this episode, the new crew discusses Kyle Murphy’s move to The Miami FC and the petty comments that came after from 901 GM Craig Unger. We also discuss roster moves in Indy’s USL-W team, Greenville shocking signing of Lucas Coutinho, the USL Finalists and Champions roster decisions, and the free agents that results in. Finally, we ended the show with our Holiday Wish List for the USL HQ. Along the way, we discuss some ice cream hot takes and some dreams for the future of the show. We also answer some questions from our live chat, which you can be apart of here.

The USL Show – Roster Moves, Petty Messages, and Wish Lists

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If you missed the last show, it’s a great one with teary eyed goodbyes and new beginnings.

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