Prince is Pushin’ P-Playoffs

New Mexico United clinched a playoff berth and the gang at Seek & Strike Collective got together to discuss it on this episode.

On this week’s edition of SoftServe, Patrick Baca and Veronica Zavala officially mark Chris Walker safe from not having a cellphone while vacationing in San Diego, California. Patrick shares how strange it was for him to not receive a text back, while Veronica recalls what it was like to be followed on Twitter by United’s Alexis Souahy in the midst of trying to figure out why Chris hadn’t contacted her in 3 hours following leaving late for the airport.

The Collective also snap out of the USL Regular Season bubble long enough to talk about the existence of the National Hockey League and National Basketball Association. It felt like an unofficial declaration of fandom at the top of the season so that they could all escape any future talks of riding a bandwagon. Chris tests out Nabisco’s new Oreo Cakesters and doesn’t bring enough for Patrica and Veronica.

Next on the episode, the gang check in on the latest happening in Qatar regarding the World Cup and talk about the Tampa Bay Rowdies/Monterrey alleged racism incident for a few. Patrick and Chris jump into a long-awaited episode of The Enchanted XI and catch up on the standings for each team by Conference and officially launch the Goal of the Month for September on Twitter. Later into the episode, Chris and Veronica talk about United’s recent form against San Diego Loyal and Los Angeles Galaxy 2 that lead to clinching the playoffs. The two riff on wanting to see more passion out of Head Coach Zack Prince, whom they argue has more a coach persona than a player who has won a championship in recent years. They talk about how it would be great to see more passion out of him on the pitch.

Time Stamps

Chris Forgets His Cell Phone (06:33)


NHL and NBA Season (25:15)

Draymond Green Punch (34:35)

Cakesters (36:07)

World Cup Qatar (39:32)

Tampa Bay And Monterey (50:28)

Break Song By NEFFEX Song Title Go! – (1:03:56)

Enchanted XI (1:04:07)

Standings For All The Colleges (1:05:22)

September Goal Of the Month(1:28:17)

Second Break Song By NEFFEX Song Title Go!(1:04:06)

New Mexico United vs San Diego Loyal (1:41:12)

New Mexico United Cinches Playoffs (1:51:08)

Zack Prince Real Talk (2:03:44)

Colorado Springs (2:35:17)


Break at 1:02:58

Break 1:40:34-1:49

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