Loyal Coach Nate Miller interview

San Diego Loyal Assistant Coach Nate Miller is our special guest this week. Alan, Marisa and Chris have a great discussion about Nate’s role on the coaching staff and his passions both on and off the pitch, including his desire to serve the local community. He also talks about his relationship with Landon Donovan and the shared vision for the performances on the pitch.

Alan, Marisa, and Chris also discuss the recent Locals scarf release party and Marisa’s “behind the scenes” work for the social media posts leading up to the event. The scarf “soiree” was a great event featuring both new and old friends.

In our currently weekly segment Alan discusses Sacramento Republic, Chris gives us some trivia, and Marisa introduces El Paso Locomotive.

We’d like to thank Nate Miller for spending some of his valuable time with us.

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Alan Underwood

Alan lives in San Diego with his wife and their dogs. You might hear one on a podcast from time to time. He covers Orange County Soccer Club for BGN's Orange and Black SoccerCast and started Fair Weather Podcast to cover San Diego Loyal Soccer Club.