Tacoma recap and a New Normal

On this week’s Fair Weather Podcast Alan, Marisa, and Chris come together to try and keep things normal, including the last match against Tacoma. This episode features two guests: Jon Ward from SactownFC and Dylan Allen from the Orange and Black Soccercast.

Up first, is San Diego Loyal vs Tacoma Defiance. It seems way more than a week ago, but just last week San Diego Loyal Soccer Club traveled to Washington to play Tacoma Defiance. The team discusses the match including identifying a Man of the Match. They talk a little bit about tactics, highlighting the movement of the midfield. Although it was played behind closed doors, there were several watch parties all over San Diego. Marisa talks about her experience in Chula Vista at 3 Punk Ales. Alan talks about being up in Rancho Bernardo at Second Chance Brewery. The mood was a bit subdued, but under the circumstances, it was quite a jovial atmosphere. The win over Tacoma definitely helped in that matter. Now San Diego is currently in first place, at least for now.

Next, the team talk about dealing with the new normal. Marisa, who works from home normally, offered some advise to the listeners. Check out her twitter feed for some tips on how to get through the transition to working remotely. The team also talk about how to use technology to keep in touch. This includes Fair Weather’s involvement in a local FIFA cup put on by the 2 Balls and a Mic guys. They also chat about USL Meme‘s FIFA tournament which features SD Loyal chairman Andrew Vassiliadis. Hopefully SD Loyal can beat Tacoma in that tournament too!

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Alan Underwood

Alan lives in San Diego with his wife and their dogs. You might hear one on a podcast from time to time. He covers Orange County Soccer Club for BGN's Orange and Black SoccerCast and started Fair Weather Podcast to cover San Diego Loyal Soccer Club.