Speedway Soccer: Special Episode: Community Engagement

In this special episode, Davey and Sloop focus on the impact that soccer can have on youth development in underserved communities. In the first segment, they sit down with David Sutphen, who serves on the board of the US Soccer Foundation, the major charitable arm of soccer in the United States. The conversation hits on the purpose of the USSF, their programs and grants, as well as the role of soccer in community. In the second segment, the conversation takes a more local turn with a conversation with Valair Shabilla, co-director of Soccer for the Nations, a Nashville based program that provides a safe and healthy environment for children in underserved communities to play soccer and develop multiples skills.


Mike Sparks

In addition to watching, coaching, and occasionally playing soccer, Mike also enjoys talking all things soccer over at the Mon Goals podcast. Go give the show a listen and let him know what you think