S3 Ep 15 – Hijack The Locomotive (Pt 1) | Broadcasting Options

In this excerpt from the latest Down in the Valley live show, Jacob, Edson, and Rey Silva of South Texas Border Sports discuss the importance of an alternate broadcasting option during the pandemic for the USL Return to Play season.

With many people losing their jobs due to COVID-19, many fans do not have as much disposable income as before, making it more difficult for fans to purchase ESPN+. Should RGVFC consider expanding on their current partnership with KRGV Somos el Valle to broadcast all games this season? Why are OTA broadcasts preferred over radio or streaming?

Also, we’re 3 days away from the restart of the season and Golden Grape Entertainment have yet to declare a decision regarding fans in the stadium. Edson gives his opinion why this can go against the community focused  image that the organization is trying to convey. Austin Bold and El Paso have declared that their games will be behind closed doors. Should RGVFC follow suit?

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