S2 Episode 9 – Nick Romero’s #eUSL Cup Run

On this week’s episode of We Are Seek & Strike Podcast, Chris and Alicia explore the #eSports world as USL Memes and Protagonist Soccer kick off #eCups of their own with #EUSL (USL Memes) and Lower League eCup (Protagonist Soccer).

Chris and Alicia welcome Nick Romero on the show. Nick is representing New Mexico United on the Xbox One platform for the #EUSL Cup under the twitch channel Real02K (twitch.tv/real02K). Nick is currently winless in the tournament. He joined us hours before his second match in the competition. Nick is also an Assistant Coach on the Varsity Boys Soccer program and also is the Head Coach of the B team. Nick talks about his #eSports experience, being out of school, quarantine life, and making new friendships through playing friendly’s with other USL Club supporters.

USL Memes and Protagonist Soccer based their tournaments off of FIFA 20 friendly-styled play. One of the most commonly-used teams in the tournament was Red Bulls Salzburg. This came as a major surprise across many participants’ in the tourney. As mentioned in an earlier episode, Chris participated in a simulated eCup organized by 2 Balls and 1 Mic. The real difference here is that these tournaments would actually be played by the participants.

It was later announced, the United Soccer League would be partaking in the #eSports world brining their own edition of a tournament branded as the USL eCUP Rocket League Edition. Rocket League is a futuristic vehicular-based soccer game played in a giant arena where the object is to utilize power-ups, boosts, and wacky weapons to deter your opponent from scoring. We spend our time talking about the beautiful game of soccer.

Chris and Alicia close off the episode talking about New Mexico United’s social activity, player social distancing, community involvement with blood donations, and the NM Heroes video highlighting essential workers in the city that are keeping everything running afloat. We’re happy Nick Romero joined us on this episode!

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