Ruffneck Scarves Becomes Official BGN Sponsor

Ruffneck Scarves Becomes Official BGN Sponsor

We are thrilled to announce that Ruffneck Scarves has become an official network sponsor for 2018!

Ruffneck Scarves are the official scarf provider for the MLS, US Soccer, NCAA, and USL.  Additionally they create custom scarves for local groups, teams, and organizations all over the country.

“We are very excited to partner with BGN and its member shows. They have a great lineup produced by real fans of the “beautiful game” and it aligns with our mission to support the game and its continual development here in the U.S. “, said Jeff McIntyre, President of Ruffneck Scarves.

Mike Sparks, BGN Organizer, added “This is a partnership that just makes sense.  Ruffneck Scarves is that perfect fit of a great company that produce fantastic custom scarves that soccer fans will absolutely love for their local groups or teams.  We’re beyond excited to be partnering with them for 2018.”

To learn more about Ruffneck Scarves or to get started ordering your own custom scarves for your local team or fundraiser, visit them at



Mike Sparks

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