New Year, New Opponents, New Faces

New Year, New Opponents, New Faces

Jeff and Dominic begin this episode by discussing three recently announced matches: Phoenix Rising’s Feb. 10 preseason match against New York Red Bulls, and its season-opening fixtures against Orange County and Oklahoma City. (0:30-6:30).

After smaller team news, we address St. Louis’ move to the Western Conference and fan comments about the potential 2018 schedule. (20:00-31:00).

Then comes the heart of our show (32:00-1:10:00). First the guys review the off-season moves from every Western Conference team. Then they make a couple predictions for how the season will progress in Phoenix and around the West.

The show finishes with a fun and wide-ranging conversation between Dominic and Pat Moses, a longtime member of the “Red Fury” supporters group. (1:13:00-1:33:00). Enjoy!


Mike Sparks

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