Flyover Footy – Jake B on your nerdy soccer podcast

In Flyover Footy this week we introduce our newest member, Jake B (on your radio) to this nerdy soccer podcast. He joins us to talk about

  • the STL City SC friendly vs St. Louis Maritsa.
  • We finally cover La Liga Latino Americana de Futbol league, now that it’s completed…
  • Joey Maher and Jack Lynn propel their college teams forward
  • Caves span St. Louis and are likely under the new stadium
  • St. Louis City SC plays St. Louis Scott Gallagher in MLS Next competition, and there will be a tailgate. We also go really deep on the MLS Next effect and the soccer environment left in its wake.
  • We mildly address Detroit City FC’s move to USLC and its supporters’ wild response
  • tons more

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