Can soccer solve social exclusion?

Soccer is our favorite pastime (duh), but can it solve social exclusion? Liz and LauraEllen discuss a 2004 article proposing potential ways soccer can solve social exclusion. We talk about theory and ways we can do a better job supporting soccer in our community. Join us as we discover how we can soccer better when it comes to soccer solving social exclusion.

Link to article: Defense or attack? Can soccer clubs help tackle social exclusion?, Holden & Wilde 2004

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Soccer (sok-er) verb: To play, support, or research the beautiful game. When we think analytically, we realize there are many ways we can all soccer better. We’re Liz and LauraEllen. We have way too many years of graduate education and we’re diving in to learn more about the analytical side of the beautiful game. Be sure to go follow us on twitter @BGNSoccerBetter.


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Can soccer solve social exclusion?