Virginia’s Rebecca Jarrett really is a gem

Rebecca Jarrett is a star on the University of Virginia’s women’s soccer team. But, she’s equally impressive off the pitch with her thoughtfulness, intelligence, and talent.

Jarrett, a New Jersey native, racked up 11 goals and ten assists in her first two seasons as a Cavalier. With her junior season officially underway, Jarrett is ready to take her game to the next level. “We definitely have a unique opportunity to improve this year. I was pretty diligent with my workouts and training over quarantine to improve technically but one of the biggest things I am currently working on is my leadership on and off the field,” Jarrett told BGN. “We’re a pretty young team but there’s tons of talent here. As an upperclassman, I certainly put a level of responsibility on myself to help push the group because this team has the potential to be extremely special.”

In Virginia’s 3-0 win yesterday against the University of Miami, Jarrett provided two assists and scored the third goal.

She’s also excelled on the international stage in recent years. Rebecca was a part of the USWNT U-20 side that won the 2020 CONCACAF Women’s U-20 Championship, scoring in the team’s win over the Dominican Republic. “Playing at an international level is always an amazing and humbling experience,” she said. “I love playing with the U-20 group because I learn a ton from playing with some of the best players in the county. It was even more special to be there with a UVA teammate, Alexa Spaanstra, and it definitely gives us a little confidence boost knowing we were able to make an impact at that level.”

Jarrett made a big impact in 2020 off the pitch, too. With the proceeds of sales of two “quarantine” shirts, Rebecca was able to donate over $800 to Feeding America. She said, “I am a firm believer in using the gifts and talents you were given in ways that are positively and tangibly impacting the lives of others. So, being able to raise over $800 to donate to Feeding America is one of my favorite memories of the year!

“Feeding America is one of the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organizations and I felt like I could make a direct impact by donating to their COVID-19 Response Fund. I really enjoyed using something I am so passionate about as a means to help others, especially those negatively affected by the pandemic. I have donated to other, smaller organizations since, but this was my biggest donation to date!”

With that talent and passion, is Rebecca majoring in design at Virginia? “I am a Media Studies and American Studies double major but I have taught myself a lot of the technical skills and design programs that I use,” she explained. “I’ve also been able to take advantage of a ton of opportunities through Virginia athletics and around the Charlottesville community. I was able to intern for the athletics department as a multimedia designer and I am currently enrolled in a design course through Hack Cville, both of which have really taught me a lot.”

Recently, she added another activity to her agenda off the pitch: the Golden Hour Podcast, which she co-hosts with teammate Claire Constant. “We made the decision on a whim and kind of just went for it — and it has been so much fun! With all of the craziness in the world right now, it’s calming to have a space to just talk and listen,” Jarrett said. “As two young black women who grew up in predominantly white spaces, we have tons of experiences worth discussing; as UVA student-athletes, we have had countless moments that have pushed us to grow both athletically and intellectually; and as best friends, we have endless laughs — so we make a pretty awesome duo (if I say so myself).”

Jarrett’s also not the only New Jersey native that shines on the microphone. With a list of all-time great musical artists, Jarrett has a couple of favorites from the Garden State. She said, “Definitely a big Lauryn Hill fan and my roommates and I do occasionally belt out some Whitney Houston in the kitchen at random so big shoutout to Jersey girls!”

“As far as pregame playlists go, I’m a big Drake listener, I 100% have to play “Jump Around” by House of Pain and “Do the John Wall” by Troop 41 before every game, and the rest tend to come from the top rap and pop hits of the moment.”

As Rebecca mentioned above regarding the podcast, she has a lot of different experiences as a young Black woman in this country. “I am a huge proponent of having tough conversations with the people in my life and recently I have been able to have tons with friends, teammates, family, and even complete strangers,” she said about being part of the generation fighting for change and racial equality. “It’s extremely empowering to feel like someone that others look to and respect. I am not the most outspoken person in the world but I have found a lot of power and growth in pushing people to think deeply and reflect, on race and other things, through 1-on-1 conversation.”

Carson A Merk

Reporting live from Sin City, I have covered both RGVFC and Las Vegas Lights FC since their inceptions. I also write profiles to highlight players from the NCAA to USL to NWSL and everywhere in between.