The Ties that Bind Us

Today’s Episode:
The Ties that bind us… an episode where the Union went and did things, and should go and do other things this weekend. First of all, what are the ties that bind us together: 

  • The Super League Idea sucked.
  • The Union did will by beating Saprissa 4-0 and getting a point on the road at Columbus.
  • Evan is mathematically proven to be the host most of the time.

In any case, the Union got a point in Ohio. They handled a much maligned Saprissa team the way they should and we are not drawing many conclusions other than that. These are the ties that bind.

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TLDR: The ties that bind us.

Justin Ashcraft

Justin has been a soccer fan since about 2010. First, fell in love with the game as an early date with his wife to her sister's high school games. Then found the Union in 2011, the Riverhounds in 2015. Love talking soccer with anyone and everyone!