The Other Football Podcast: Plunder the Lox

On this week’s episode of The Other Football Podcast:

Our trio celebrates the end to Magnum’s seemingly timeless stye in his eye and mock him for his temporary eye patch.

Are you tired of Zlatan’s shtick like Carson is? We discuss his comments following AC Milan’s comeback win over Juve.

In soccer, there is also some shady financial business going on in the background. But, TV explains some next level tomfoolery from Wigan Athletic that includes allegedly betting on relegation, a point deduction, and more!

The day before the tournament kicked off, the guys discussed if the MLS is Back tournament should be cancelled or if it was the right thing to move forward with it. Also, why Florida?

Who has been the best player in the Premier League since the action resumed? TV and Magnum seem to think it may be Christian Pulisic at Chelsea, who scored another goal this week.

This week’s soccer action also features the ultimate Chris “Magnum” Chapman Game of the Week, Burnley vs. West Ham United.


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Carson A Merk

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