St. Louis CITY SC Ticket Deposit Cheat Sheet

With any expansion side across sports, there is a method to the madness of unveiling a team with multiple-step process. St. Louis CITY SC is no different as the newest MLS franchise continues to fully form.

We’ve survived the compulsory brand release which was followed by some exciting technical hires. Coming up on September 16th, at 10am CST, you’ll be able to put down a deposit for the right to purchase season tickets for St. Louis CITY SC. More on that in a second. Just announce! Saint Louis FC season ticket holders get early access. Their link goes live at 9am CST. 

First, I’m sure you’d like to see the cost of the deposit…









Supporter Sections require a $50 deposit and will be located in the lower levels of the north side of the stadium and will be general admission.








Reserved Seating also requires a $50 deposit. They will be in sporadic upper and lower levels, but the seat will be reserved. 

Premium Seating will require a $100 deposit. It comes with the VIP Pitch Club, Concourse Club, Loge Boxes, and CITY View Terrace Boxes. 









Suites require a $2,500 deposit and will include VIP Pitch Suites and Executive Suites.


I know what you’re thinking. “These are basically PSLs.” Well, only partially. Your deposit will buy you the right to purchase season tickets when they become available. However, it doesn’t guarantee you season tickets. If your desired tickets are sold out by the time it’s your turn to buy them, you must choose a different seat…if one is available. The good news is that your buying order is sorted by the order in which you put down your deposit. First come, first served. 

Your deposit isn’t paid per ticket, but rather it gives you the right to purchase up to eight tickets per account. If you’re expecting a raise or bonus in the future and want to aim high, worry not. Unlike PSLs, both refunds and payment plans will be offered. It looks like orders can be changed to some degree as well, which seems necessary considering we are three years away from the first St. Louis CITY SC game day. 

Pricing for the actual ticket will be announced once the seat selection process has begun. Seat selection for Premium Seating and Suites are anticipated to be announced sometime in 2021. Reserved Seating and Supporter Sections in 2022. 

There are more details available, but this gets you started. Head over to or contact for more information or to ask questions.