Season 2 Wrap Up

Can you believe we made it to the end of Season 2 of Soccer Better?! In the Season 2 Wrap Up, Liz and LauraEllen talked about themes throughout Season 2 and lessons learned. They also talk about what may be coming next for Soccer Better!

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Soccer (sok-er) verb: To play, support, or research the beautiful game. When we think analytically, we realize there are many ways we can all soccer better. We’re Liz and LauraEllen. We have way too many years of graduate education and we’re diving in to learn more about the analytical side of the beautiful game. Be sure to go follow us on twitter @BGNSoccerBetter.


What did you think of Season 2? Let us know! Do you have an article or topic you want us to review? Want to join us and talk all things analytical? Let us know!


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Season 2 Wrap Up