S3 E28 Regular Season Is Coming – Talking New Mexico United

On Episode 28, Chris and Alicia bring you their latest takes on the latest happenings with New Mexico United.

New Mexico United’s Preseason is still underway. Chris snd Alicia  give their take  on how the lineup is shaping up and what is happening in the rest of the Mountain Division.

Next, Chris talks briefly about the Open Cup with Alicia. Since New Mexico United isn’t competing in the tournament, it’s mainly general talk about how the planning is coming along. If you feel some way about a “closed” Open Cup then tap in.

Alicia brings up the regular season schedule that got released recently. New Mexico United put their first two matches on sale so she re-lives a bit of the trauma of buying tickets. Chris adds some opponent talk in the mix.

Lastly, Chris and Alicia answer Listener questions. These are good questions for every New Mexico United fan to consider.

Through the preseason, Chris and Alicia will continue to explore their preseason talking points in the upcoming episodes and there will be a lot of hot takes so stay tuned. We Are Seek & Strike Podcast is Your Authoritative Voice For New Mexico Soccer. Seek & Strike Collective is a proud member of The Beautiful Game Network.

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