S3 Bonus: Matt Pollard and Soccer Rabbi Talk Micheal Azira

Matt Pollard and the Soccer Rabbi, Mark Goodman join this episode to talk about New Mexico United’s Micheal Azira.

Matt and Soccer Rabbi are from the Holding The High Line Podcast, which covers Colorado Rapids, Switchbacks FC, and Colorado soccer. They talk about how they started their podcast. Matt and Soccer Rabbi were particularly excited to talk about Micheal Azira on this cross-pod episode.

At the time of this recording, Soccer Rabbi was wearing his pristine Micheal Azira Rapids autographed kit. Being that community is most important, he kicked off our discussion with who Micheal Azira is off the pitch. He also shared a very candid story of his interactions with him.

Next up, Matt talked about who Micheal Azira is on the pitch. He talked about Micheal Azira’s attributes and how the Rapids utilized him.  Chris asks Matt and Soccer Rabbi how Micheal Azira will fit in New Mexico United’s roster.

Lastly, there is some banter about chile. Matt and Soccer Rabbi recommend food spots to check out for New Mexicans who decide to make the trek to Colorado. Thank you Matt and Soccer Rabbi for jumping on this episode.

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