S3 Bonus: Devon Kerr’s Day Off

Devon Kerr of 3 Honest Lads Podcast was our guest on We Are Seek & Strike Podcast.

On this episode, Devon joins the podcast live from his secret lair, which came equipped with a wardrobe rack just in case he wanted to run the curtain of distraction on Chris.

Devon’s co-host, Mike Watts, couldn’t make the episode. So Chris and Devon finally connect on the episode because Devon had some timely content for New Mexico United fans.

With all introductions aside, Chris asks Devon about his childhood memories of Easter growing up. There was a glory story, some Easter grass, peep talk, and confetti eggs.

Next, Chris and Devon entered into some United Soccer League (USL) Offseason talk around the league and circled back to the Mountain Division to focus in on New Mexico United.

Lastly, Devon shared his thoughts on the growth of New Mexico United, some key match ups and even teased his knowledge of some information about the team. So tune in and tweet us or tag us when you’re listening to the episode.

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