S2 E12: Bandwagon or Bust Part 1, Talking New Mexico United

In part one of a two-part series, Chris and Alicia are joined by Jeremy to talk about the re-opening of soccer around the world, including for New Mexico United.

Chris and Alicia are back with a two-part episode of We Are Seek & Strike Podcast titled Bandwagon or Bust. Jeremy Jaramillo is back on the podcast as a guest to help them discuss the re-opening of football leagues around the world, as well, as what things look like in the United States for New Mexico United.

In this edition, Chris introduces three factors that are driving points in the leagues worldwide. They are promotion and relegation, neutral venue locations, and player health. Jeremy is invited to weigh in on the Premier League, which kicks off the conversation.

As football is set to return, here’s a chance for us to be fans of teams we wouldn’t have ever watched before. We have gone over 45 days without football and perhaps now is the only acceptable time to jump on the bandwagon of a new club. Chris talks about watching games at Borussia Park as a cardboard cut-out.

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