Riverhounds vs. Rochester Rhinos Preview featuring Nick Thompson! – Mon Goals – Pittsburgh’s Soccer Community

Riverhounds vs Rochester with Nick Thompson

Mike and Kev sit down with the Riverhounds newest signing, Nick Thompson, for an entertaining discussion about:

  • His striking resemblance to Gerard Pique
  • Establishing a “Little Cleveland” in Pittsburgh
  • What it was like growing up in a house full of soccer players (and who’s better, him or his brother/teammate Jack)
  • Bringing a coach’s mentality onto the field as a player
  • Footgolf!
  • Advice for any youth players looking to get better
  • And an entertaining Lightning Round that you don’t want to miss

After that, Kev and Mike talk a little about the Hounds Academy before breaking down what we should expect this weekend against Rochester.

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Mike Sparks

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