Richmond Kickers Roundup with Jason Weintraub of League 1 fun

In this week’s episode of Rivercity93, we invite Jason Weintraub of League 1 Fun to help us understand COVID impact on the league and much more

With all the craziness going on in the world and sports, we brought in Jason Weintraub of League 1 Fun to help us understand what is going on. In this episode of Rivercity 93, we comb through USL rules of COVID, why the Kickers have not been able to play, and much more. With Covid-19 affecting our game against FT. Lauderdale, we turn our attention to the Henny Derby. With the help Jason we also make sense of this week’s Power Rankings and what teams are being disrespected a little too much. Jason always brings the spicy takes as he drops some big news on the pod. Also, we breakdown what needs to happen in the Henny Derby for Richmond to pull out victorious. 


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