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All Good Things

All Good Things It's been a long time but we've got a new show finally. Rejoice in the fact that T2 have made the playoffs in a historic season.

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Episode 13 – Thinking of Titles is Hard

Episode 13 - Thinking of Titles is Hard A little bit later on a Friday than usual but still a Friday. Enjoy our most recent episode as we head into the weekend. Josh is here for a full episode without computer issues! And joining the Play The Kids crew in this episode is long time listener, first...

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We’re Back! Summer Swoon Edition

We're Back! Summer Swoon Edition After some time away, both scheduled and unscheduled, Play The Kids is back. Laptop and other technical difficulties traverse from one host to another, but we have another episode managed for you. We talk T2, their losing ways, and a fall from the top as they come...

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Interview! Yay! We were finally able to get scheduling to work out and Josh Phillips was able to join us for a little bit on Play The Kids. Our own Josh, Mr Duder, misses another episode but hopefully we can make it up with a new Josh. We are very thankful for Mr Phillips for joining the show and...

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Ain’t No Party Like A T2 Party

Ain't No Party Like A T2 Party Kevin and Josh are back with their latest takes on all things Timbers 2 and Oregon soccer.

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A View From The Top

A View From The Top It's only Kevin this week. Another shorter episode but plenty to talk about as T2 beat Los Dos 7-3 and the Monarchs 1-0. The victory over Salt Lake is a statement win as T2 defeats one of the best teams in the league. Vaulting themselves into the top 3 in the west, have T2...

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Cascadia Win

Cascadia Win Thank you to everyone who listened to our last episode! I hope we gained some new followers as we have a lot more in store this season. This week though is just a quick recap. At the time we recorded T2 defeated S2 with a last second goal to keep gaining points. It is some uncharted...

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FC St Pauli Special!

FC St Pauli Special! It's an immensely special episode of Play The Kids this week. Kevin and Josh are joined by Nick Davidson, author of Pirates, Punks & Politics, and FC St Pauli 'Fell In Love With A Girl Podcast' hosts Shawn and Samantha. The group discusses clubs, culture, and how they fell...

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Win, Loss, and Google AI

Win, Loss, and Google AI It's your regularly scheduled Play The Kids episode. Kevin still can't stop playing with Google Translate and Josh drops a lot of 4th division Oregon soccer news. Sandwiched in between they talk T2's loss vs Reno and their victory over Sacramento.

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The Kids Have Played

The Kids Have Played Kevin and Josh discuss the two most recent games for T2. Both wins! Wait, Kevin and Josh talking only about wins? That seems unheard of. Anyway, listen in and catch up on T2's comprehensive performance over OKC Energy and their need to make the home opener "interesting"

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