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Oh, Hey Matt Gajtka!

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Show Notes

Hounds play-by-play guy (and all around great human being) Matt Gajtka swung by to hang out with us for a bit.  Together with Mike, Kev and Josh they discussed:

– How Matt prepares for a new season,

– Where he thinks the Hounds will end up in East,

– What players he’s keeping an eye on,

And more!  Afterwards the guys talk a bit about the potential NEW Hounds logo (that hasn’t been *officially* released yet), the USL games they’ll be watching next weekend (since the Hounds are on a bye), and whether Kevin is correct in his assessment that diving is ok.

Thanks again to Matt for joining us and thanks to everyone for listening.  Be sure to go subscribe to the show on your podcast player of choice to get all the latest action.  The season is a week away, you won’t won’t to miss a minute of it!

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