No Place In The Game

Seek & Strike Collective is back after a week off. We had plans to record on Wednesday following the Los Dos vs New Mexico United match, but as sports fate would have it, a weather delay would postpone those plans until Thursday night.  This week’s podcast puts more emphasis on the more important issues circulating in soccer right now: HUMAN RIGHTS

On this episode, Chris and Patrick give you a little New Mexico United talk early in the episode. Shortly after, the two are onto other things like Adult Happy Meals, television shows too dark for tv (literally), the newly announced Leagues Cup.

The main focus of the episode focused on human rights. Chris and Patrick spent time talking about the Danish Men’s National Team and Hummel as their activism adventure unravels. This brings the guys to talk in depth about the Sally Yates Report findings that came out earlier this week. They were fired up. That’s really where they chose to end this week’s episode after returning from the first break. Verbal abuse, sexual misconduct, and any other abuse has no place in the game!

We’ll be back next week with a hefty dose of The Enchanted XI and more New Mexico United coverage.

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