New Mexico’s Playoff Identity PT. II

The United Soccer League Championship Playoffs didn’t last long for New Mexico United. The gang here at Seek & Strike Collective huddled together to talk more about United’s Playoff Identity as the season drew to a close at Heart Health Park on Saturday, October 22nd 2022.

Hosts: Chris Walker, Veronica Zavala, and Patrick Baca

If you’ve been listening to our 2022 episodes, you know that we like to start off with a nice cone of SoftServe. Tonight, we chatted on the long-awaited and didn’t know we were waiting for, McRib Sandwich. It’s the last big of nostalgia for October. Chris asked the gang about the last time they ate a McRib. The results won’t be shocking to you that none of us can remember the last time we had one. Before November kicks off, Chris is going to have the McRib. He’s proposed a new holiday, NO-stalgia November. He’ll try his hardest to dodge any November treats outside of the norm “In-N-Out” when he goes to visit the family for Thanksgiving. The gang learned about a new food, Honey’s Kettle from Veronica. It looked so good.

On this week’s edition of The Enchanted XI, Chris and Patrick give a season synopsis on Division II schools Eastern New Mexico and New Mexico Highlands as their season’s come to a close. They also talk about Division I schools University of New Mexico and New Mexico State, which have each now clinched a tournament berth into their respective conferences. UNM winning a share of the Mountain West Conference Title and being back-to-back-to-back Champions. Chris and Patrick will link up for a chat next week leading up to each Conference Final Match.

Lastly, Veronica rejoins Chris and Patrick to talk about New Mexico United’s Playoff results against Sacramento Republic. The gang listens to Zach Prince’s season ending presser and gives their takes on what he’s saying, try to guess who they think is staying and going, and try to predict United’s end of the season player awards. We’re not going anywhere. We’ll use some of the offseason to come up with content for the offseason.

Time Stamps


Weather Report (06:37.55)

SoftServe MCRib Farwell (08:27.51)

When We Were Young (10:55.54)

Fried Chicken (16:18.38)

Enchanted XI (32:25.48)

Mountain West Tournament (47:55.93)

Playoffs Came and Went (01:02.24)

Why No Wehan (01:12.28)

Necco Brett (01:23.04)

What Is The Identity (01:38.52)

Who Will Stay and Who Will Go Now (01:42.26)

Breaking News New NMU Goalie? (Later verified to be a glitch) (01:55.10)

Last Presser for the Season (01:41.18)

Season End Thoughts (02:14.35)


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