Meet the newest Richmond Kickers’ supporters group – Scuffletown Social Club

As the Richmond Kickers begin their second season in USL League One, a new supporters group will be joining the stands. Meet the Scuffletown Social Club.

The Richmond Kickers continue to achieve an impressive modern feat in American professional soccer – survival. 2020 marks the Kickers 29th season, a club that has seen the rise and fall of countless leagues and teams. As this latest league grows, so does its supporters’ culture. Joining the crowd at City Stadium this year will be Scuffletown Social Club, Richmond’s second supporters’ group. To get a sense of how this group formed and what to expect this season I spoke with one of its founders.

1) What led to the formation of this new supporters group for the Richmond Kickers? 

SSC: Globally, most terraces have multiple supporters groups sharing an area of the stadium. We see Red Army certainly as a positive for the team and the community around the team. We formed SSC to appeal to a different crowd, one that has historically overlooked the Kickers.

2) Were the individuals who formed the group members of the River City Red Army in the past or general fans looking to get more involved?

SSC: Both are true. Some of us were Red Army members who left to form a new club. Some are general soccer fans who are new to the kickers, and some are friends of people on either side who just want to hang out on Saturdays.

3) How will the Scuffletown Social Club be different from the River City Red Army? 

SSC: Scuffletown was formed to appeal to folks involved in a broad spectrum of alternative culture. We are strongly and passionately against all forms of discrimination, we are passionate about the city of Richmond and it’s residents, and we may march to the beat of a different drum so to speak. SSC was not formed out of any beef with Red Army and we look forward to forming a mutually beneficial relationship with them.

4) Has the group reached out to the club to establish where it will be based in the stadium? 

SSC: Barring any last-minute change, we’ll be hanging out in section N.

5) For 2020 what are the SSC’s main goals? 

SSC: Our goals are the same as any other supporters club, show up, do our thing, have a good time. Beyond that, becoming an establishment in Richmond and in the Kickers’ community is very important to us.

6) Does the club plan to hold watch parties from away matches or other events outside of game day? 

SSC: We’ve discussed watch parties at several locations, but haven’t made anything official as of yet.

7) What are your expectations for the team for the 2020 USL League One season?

SSC: Hopefully better than the last few seasons. A lot of the new signings seem promising and the new coaching staff seems to be more than competent. A playoff run should be the team’s goal. beyond that, who knows!

Look for Scuffletown Social Club in the stands on March 28th, when the Richmond Kickers open the 2020 USL League One season hosting Forward Madison.

Nathan Reynolds

Writer covering the Richmond Kickers in USL League One. Experience as a WordPress developer, editor, podcaster, and writer for European and US soccer leagues.