Lockdown Lowdown: The RGV Toros Girls

As the USL Championship season sits on hold, the RGV Toros Girls talk about what they’ve been up to on lockdown.

We’re all impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic that has the world on hold. Recently, we’ve focused on how players have been dealing with the delayed soccer season, but they aren’t the only ones involved in the USL that are on hold. We caught up with the RGV Toros Girls, RGVFC‘s team of dancers, to see what they’ve been up to during the lockdown, what they miss the most about dancing for the team, and more!

BGN: What are the top two things you miss about being a Toros Girl in a normal environment?

Melanie: One of the things I miss the most is just genuine human interaction, whether it’s by going to practice and seeing my teammates or having game day and seeing all our amazing fans.

Jailynn: I miss going to practices for sure! It’s where us Toros Girls interact the most and really get to bond. Around this time, we have our photoshoot, which of course had to be postponed. The photoshoot is always super exciting!

Karina: I miss having practices & workouts with my teammates. And, I miss learning new dances to perform on the field!

Kim: Dance practice with the rest of the Toros Girls and meeting the fans.

Yesenia: I miss practicing with my teammates and performing. While I am making the most of my time by learning new choreography and working on developing new skills, dancing alongside my teammates is a completely different experience. The energy is unparalleled and I’m really looking forward to getting back to that.

Elizabeth: More than anything, I miss our practices when we would all work out together, learn new choreography, and just bond with one another. I also miss the games. Being a new member of the team, it was exciting to be at my first Toros’ game. It was a great atmosphere and I love to meet the fans and take pictures with them.

Ilynn: One of the things I miss the most about being a Toros Girl is seeing our fans. The 2nd thing I miss the most is performing during halftime with my friends.

Lyric: I miss the performances and bonding with my team at practices.

Marisol: One thing I miss about being a Toros Girl is interacting with the fans at Toros games and appearances. Second is going to practice and perfecting the dances for our performances.

Fatima: The two things I miss most are being able to see the fans on game days and my teammates at practices!

Nataly: Being a rookie, there isn’t much I could say. However, I did love interacting with the fans and making them feel welcome. Without the fans, none of it would be possible. Not only do I miss the fans, but also performing in the field. It’s something that I would do every day.

BGN: What have you been doing during the lockdown to stay physically ready for whenever the RGVFC season starts back up?

Melanie: Staying active is so important during this time, especially for someone like me who likes to keep busy. It gives me something to do while in self-quarantine. I’ve been doing lots of home workouts!

Jailynn: I’ve been tuning in to lots of virtual dance classes. It’s also a good opportunity to learn from different teachers and choreographers!

Karina: I’ve been doing home workouts with my sisters & walking along my street.

Kim: I’m taking dance classes online, working out and stretching every day in my backyard.

Yesenia: I’ve recently started training for my first half marathon! I normally lift weights and do cardio indoors, so having to get creative with resistance band work and running out on trails has been a new experience for me and has kept things interesting!

Elizabeth: I have been doing at home workouts with my family, as well as stretching and dancing. I take online dance classes and also work on some choreography.

Ilynn: During quarantine, I have made an at-home work out for at least 3-4 days out of the week to stay active and to be ready for when the season resumes again.

Lyric: I’ve been walking my dog and doing daily workouts.

Marisol: I have been running two miles every day. It’s hard work, but it is very important to stay active!

Fatima: I’ve been making sure to eat healthy and workout, and I’ve also started kickboxing at home.

Nataly: My daily routine to stay healthy consists of stretching, self-meditating, and lots of strengthening and cardio. So once the season starts again, I’m ready.

BGN: What movies or TV shows have you been watching during the lockdown?

Melanie: The real question is what haven’t I been watching! I binge-watched The Good Doctor as well as Elite. 10/10 shows, I would recommend to watch them. I’ve also been watching my favorite show, New Girl! As far as movies go I have definitely been watching too many Rom-Coms!

Jailynn: I won’t lie, I‘m hooked on Dance Moms!

Karina: Kingdom on Netflix.

Kim: Black Lightning and Harley Quinn.

Yesenia: I’ve been watching a lot of comedy specials and cooking shows! I think we could all use a good laugh right now and cooking has never been a strong point for me so it’s been fun learning something new. I’ve mastered a few recipes now!

Elizabeth: Recently, I finished watching the new season of Money Heist and Elite and now, I started to watch That 70s Show.

Ilynn: I have been rewatching a lot of old movies from when I was younger like Twilight and The Hunger Games. My favorite show that I’ve watched so far is Money Heist.

Lyric: Hannah Montana and All-American.

Marisol: I have been watching Grey’s Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, and Gossip Girl.

Fatima: While being in lockdown, I’ve finally been able to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy and rewatch the Marvel movies!

Nataly: I’m a big nerd dancer, so if I’m not watching a documentary about the universe, I’m dancing. My fav shows are Big Bang Theory, Bones, the History or Discovery channel, and I’m a Marvel and DC fan.

BGN: Is there any new music that you’ve been listening to during quarantine?

Melanie: If you know me, you know the answer is Harry Styles’ most recent album, Fine Line! It’s honestly the only thing I’ve been listening to since it came out in December! I’m supposed to go to his concert in August so this better blow over by then!

Jailynn: I’m a big fan of J Balvin (as is my entire family), so his new album Colores is on repeat in my household!

Karina: “Like a Cowboy” by Parker McCollum

Kim: YHLQMDLG, Bad Bunny’s New Album

Yesenia: I’m actually a bit out of the loop on new releases. I think self-isolation has taught me to appreciate silent time so I haven’t turned the radio on lately. I do like to jam out to 80s rock and Latin music when I work out though!

Elizabeth: My favorite new album is Changes by Justin Bieber, with “Intentions” being my favorite song on his album.

Ilynn: My favorite song that was released recently is “Don’t Start Now” by Dua Lipa. It’s a fun and upbeat song.

Lyric: “Mango Haze” by Troi Blank and the Chilombo album by Jhené Aiko

Marisol: I love Ariana Grande’s Sweetener album. I have been listening to it while doing homework and doing chores around the house.

Fatima: I don’t listen to a lot of new music, but recently, I’ve been really into country music and Ariana Grande

Nataly: My favorite new album is After Hours by The Weeknd.

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BGN: What is the first thing that you will do when the restrictions are lifted?

Melanie: The first thing I’m going to do is go hang out with all of my friends! I spend so much time with them normally that I’m struggling without them. We still FaceTime and text, but it’s nowhere near the same thing!

Jailynn: Hopefully reunite with my Toros Girls teammates!

Karina: Go to Six Flags & to concerts.

Kim: Going to the beach!

Yesenia: I’m going to go to the beach! I’m also really looking forward to seeing my friends and family!

Elizabeth: The first thing I’ll do when the restrictions are lifted is to go out with my friends and do something fun like going bowling or maybe even going to the beach.

Ilynn: Once the quarantine is over, the first thing that I would like to do is go out to my favorite restaurant with my family and enjoy a nice meal outside.

Lyric: SHOP!!!!!!

Marisol: I will go see my friends! I have been on lockdown 24/7 to stay safe and keep everyone else safe, so I am very excited to see my friends!

Fatima: Definitely go see my grandma. I really miss the family gatherings at her house every Sunday.

Nataly: The first thing I’ll do is go on a trip with my friends once the restrictions are lifted.

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