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League One Fun – Episode 42: We’re Almost There

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Show Notes

After this week the playoffs are only 4 weeks away and the race for the final two spots still lies in the balance. Although Lansing has some weird math thing going on, Ira’s pretty sure they can secure a spot with a win this weekend. Richmond still has an outside shot after a win and loss the last week. Ronaldo Damus is, let’s face it, the golden boot winner after another hat-trick and another goal against OCB.

Oh, and where’s Jason (@homesweetsoccer)? Ira (@irajersey) comes to his defense when Westen (@CapCombustion) and Elliot (@Rivercity93) question his loyalty and wonder where the money is coming from for these excursions.

Loads of news, loads of listener questions (thanks for those, they were great this week), and of course reviews and previews of matches. A must listen as we also find out that the guys want to keep their marriages and you find out about Ira’s wardrobe circa 1977 when he met Pele (no, we didn’t talk about meeting Pele).

This jam packed episode is only as long as one match… perfect time to listen this week is 4pm EDT Friday, Sept. 13 2019 when something that doesn’t matter is going on.

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