League One Fun – Episode 25: Week 12, The Rumor Mill and TOTW Bench

Jason and Ira are joined by BGN colleague Stephen Hernandez who covers FC Tucson. Ira heats up his neck with his new Lansing Ignite Scarf (that he paid for!) Please rate and review us wherever you get your podcasts. You can find us @League1Fun @homesweetsoccer @irajersey @OldPuebloPod on twitter – we’d love to have a conversation.

1:57 – USL1 News: 1008 Pink Flamingos, rumors of new teams for the league, and someone claims to have spied Ricardo Pepi and his family in a conference room with Dan Hunt. Hmmm, what could that mean?

11:00 – Week 12 Recap

58:32 – Previewing Week 13 – Jason likes the Red Wolves v Triumph match, Ira thinks the Kickers need to get a point vs. Tormenta, Stephen wants to see North Texas before they play Tucson on Tuesday.

1:04:35 – Team of the Week Bench Players – why we think Christopher Bermudez (GVL), Jose Terron (TUC), Tumi Moshebane (LAN), Tsubasa Endoh (TFCII) and maybe Mutaya Mwape (RIC) should all be available to come off the bench.

1:08:50 – Fan Question: How much lower does Pepi have in the league? Does he stay with North Texas?

1:13:31 – Soothing words for Elliot @rivercity93

Mike Sparks

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