League One Fun – Ep. 22: U20s, Week 10, And More

The show must go on even without Jason’s spicy takes! Ira is joined by Elliot from BGN.fm podcast @rivercity93 to discuss all the Week 10 action in League One. But first they talk about the League One players on the US U20 men’s national team who defeated France to advance to the quarter finals. Also FC Tucson gets a defensive “double loanee” from LAFC. How does that work? Elliot has a spicy take on which independent USL Championship team might find it’s way down to League One – and it’s not Hartford Athletic. Finally, Ira didn’t get any Ruffneck Scarves for his birthday… 🙁

Mike Sparks

In addition to watching, coaching, and occasionally playing soccer, Mike also enjoys talking all things soccer over at the Mon Goals podcast. Go give the show a listen and let him know what you think