Kenardo Forbes in the house!

Well, not literally in the house.  Not with all the social distancing and what-not.  But yes, the captain himself, Kenardo Forbes, stopped by to join the crew on this week’s show!  Together the gang discusses how Kenny is passing the time while “staying in place”, where he prefers to play on the field, and how he got involved designing the Riverhounds uniforms for the 2020 season.

After that Mat Polansky gives us his review of this past week’s #MonMovie, Green Street Hooligans, before LauraEllen joins the guys to share her thoughts on the film and the prospect of no USL in 2020.

It’s a packed show, be sure to let us know what you think and how you’re doing during these crazy times.  We’re all in this together.

And another huge thanks to Kenardo Forbes for stopping by.  Definitely one of our best interviews thus far, he’s all-league for a reason!

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Thanks everyone!


Mike Sparks

In addition to watching, coaching, and occasionally playing soccer, Mike also enjoys talking all things soccer over at the Mon Goals podcast. Go give the show a listen and let him know what you think