Jourdin Garcia talks about Live More with Jour, being a “soccer wife”, and living in Tulsa

The life of a spouse to a professional athlete can be a difficult one with the travel, time commitments, etc. But, Jourdin Garcia is thriving as the proud wife of FC Tulsa center-back Kevin Garcia and the creator of

Jourdin grew up in Homer Glen, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. She would go on to get her Bachelor’s degree in Science and Nursing from Saint Xavier University in the Windy City. After working in the nursing field, Jourdin is using the knowledge she’s picked up along the way to help others with fitness and nutrition. She wants to spread the word that being happy and healthy doesn’t have to be boring or look the same for everyone. “For me, as a woman, I think because of society, we think we need to have this very thin look and we should just be doing cardio and eating salads to be “healthy”, but it can be way more exciting,” she explained. “I have found so much happiness and improved health/endurance from adding resistance training into my daily workout routine as well.”

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Jourdin is happy to help women of all different shapes, sizes, and weight-loss/fitness goals. She explained, “I want to show women that balance is key. Not to strive for perfection, but progression. It’s okay to eat healthy 80% of the time but still have that cookie once in a while! Also, when you do want to have that cookie, I want to give them more wholesome options (if they choose) – if not, eat that full-fat one! I want to share with others that food and fitness can be a good/fun thing and not super boring. I want to be motivating for others to have a positive mindset when it comes to food and fitness.”

Whether it’s creative dinner options or homemade Pop-Tarts and everything in between, Jourdin has you covered with recipes on the website. “I learned to cook from my mom (and the Food Network). That was always how we would spend time together,” she explained. “On the weekends, we would always bake and I would help with dinner when I could. We both love watching people enjoy our food.”

With Kevin, Jourdin has a perfect workout partner right at home. “It is so fun! He is always so motivating and can help me think of new exercises and we can create fun workouts together. The best dates in my opinion,” Mrs. Garcia said.

For another couple, that may or may not include a professional athlete, Jourdin feels that working out with your partner can bring you together, literally and figuratively. “I think you show your partner a side of yourself that they don’t normally see,” she said. “I almost feel vulnerable, in a good way, because working out (especially with an athlete for me) is challenging!”

Kevin’s experience as a professional athlete is helpful for the Live More With Jour mission. “He teaches me new exercises I didn’t know before and I like to show him my workouts and ask him what he thinks,” she said, adding that he usually likes them.

Before she met Kevin, she wasn’t really into soccer, outside of her younger brother playing growing up. Now, she loves the beautiful game, especially the fast-pace compared to other sports. Soccer has led Jourdin and Kevin from Houston, where they were married last May, to Tulsa, Oklahoma. “Houston was so good to us. It was hard to leave,” she explained. “We had only been in Tulsa about five days before everything had happened. We have been social distancing and not going out unless we need to. We are fortunate to be together (Kevin and I).”

While they haven’t had the full Tulsa experience yet due to COVID-19, Jourdin is loving what she’s seeing so far. “The people in Tulsa have been soooo welcoming and nicer than any other place I have ever been to. There is a lot of green here which I love and an amazing 25-mile walking trail right across the street from where we live, which is beautiful.”

Jourdin is excited about the journey in Tulsa and is working hard to continue to improve and enhance Live More with Jour. You can subscribe to recipes and health tips at and follow along on Instagram and Pinterest.


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