Jorge Herrera on his 20 year career and joining the CLT MLS front office

Join me in episode 31 where I have my former teammate Jorge Herrera share incredible insight on his journey here to Charlotte! Hear how he got started in Colombia, his favorite USL teams to play against and his favorite moments in his career. You’ll also get to listen to insight on his new role with the new Charlotte MLS team in 2021, and what he thinks about the future of Footy in this city/country. We also talk about the Independence and he answers some fan questions! Plus many more topics, you don’t want to miss. Subscribe, Rate and let me know what you think!  I’m excited to share a brand new experience from a new perspective!

As I mentioned before, watch on youtube to get a behind the scenes access to my conversation with Jorge, the new Charlotte MLS teams headquarters and see our interactions!

A huge thanks to Jorge Herrera for joining me!

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