Hunter Gilstrap joins the Mon Goals Preview Show

Welcome to the Mon Goals Preview Show: Hunter Gilstrap Edition. Hunter joins Steve and Justin as we look at the weekend coming up in USL. We talk to Hunter about the shutouts record and why Bob is so successful at getting the clean sheets. We talk about the skills that goal keepers need. And we look at Hunter’s latest project GK4Free where he is giving away some great coaching advice for young keepers.

After talking to Hunter, Steve and Justin take a deep dive into the playoffs and where teams stand around the league. We look at the Hounds goal differential and more!

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Go Hounds! Let’s beat Loudoun!

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This has been the Mon Goals Preview Show: Hunter Gilstrap Edition

Justin Ashcraft

Justin has been a soccer fan since about 2010. First, fell in love with the game as an early date with his wife to her sister's high school games. Then found the Union in 2011, the Riverhounds in 2015. Love talking soccer with anyone and everyone!