Grabbing Recovery by the Horns: The Surgery

In part two of our article series, we look back at Aldo Quintanilla’s knee surgery and the immediate aftermath.

Last time out, we revisited the significant injury that RGVFC striker Aldo Quintanilla suffered in the preseason. This article, we will look at his surgery and his transition to rehab shortly after.

After tearing his ACL, surgery was next up for Quintanilla. On February 21st, he went under the care of Dr. Evan Meeks, who has worked extensively with the Houston Rockets, Houston Texans, Houston Astros, local colleges teams, and the Houston Dynamo.

The procedure took roughly an hour at Memorial Hermann. He was only in the hospital for one day and while he was there, he had an interesting go-to meal, Dr. Pepper and burgers. “I had a lot of pain, especially when I slept,” Aldo explained. “I could barely sleep, but the pain began to diminish, day-by-day until it disappeared.”

Despite the initial pain after surgery, Aldo did not lay around for long…at all. One day after the surgery, rehab began. It wasn’t anything too aggressive out of the gate, just some slight bending and icing of the knee. He said his knee was very sore and swollen after the first day of work.

In those initial days after surgery, he said he enjoyed watching some movies, mostly action and comedy, and spending time with his family. He’s thankful for the support they provided. His parents were there during surgery and his brother Arturo and sister in law came to Houston the day after.


In the next article in our series, we will discuss the next steps, pun intended, that Aldo took in the rehab process with some insight from RGVFC athletic trainer Randi Lininger.


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