Ghana’s Faraday wants to redefine the perception of women’s football

Fumey Kafui Dorcas is a skillful soccer player, but her vision and passion far exceeds scoring goals for Ridge City FC. She wants to change the way the women’s game is perceived and positively impact her native Ghana.

A native of the Volta region, she grew up in a humble home in Sunyani in the Brong Ahafo region, where she currently resides.

Dorcas is better known simply as Faraday. “The name Faraday basically comes from the famous scientist Micheal Faraday. You know, when I sat in a science class back in high school, I remember reading through textbook and coming across the name of this famous scientist. It resonated with me,” she told BGN. “From thereon, I began to identify by the name of Faraday. Aside (from) that, Micheal Faraday embodies wit and his effort in scientific discovery has been a great contribution to academia.”

Her contributions lie on and off the soccer pitches in Ghana, where she plays as a number nine or ten for Ridge City FC. “To me, football has elevated my sense of confidence and the desire to shine more light on female football in Ghana and across the African continent,” Faraday noted. With her level of talent, it’s not surprising soccer has increased her confidence. She racked up accolades during her time with the University of Ghana, a multi-time leading scorer, and has seven goals in 12 matches for Ridge City.

One of the main ways Faraday is impacting Ghana off the pitch is with her organization, Choose Life Ghana. “I observed during my teen years that, in societies such as ours in Ghana, there were few facilities out there to help individuals deal with mental illness. As a result most suicide cases go unnoticed in Ghana,” she said. “Quite most than often, people succumb to suicide with causative factors such as depression, anxiety and all forms of mental disorder. So three years ago, I decided with a couple of my friends to establish an organization with a complete focus on mental illness and reducing suicide rates across Ghana. I must say, I share a universal commitment to ensure individuals in communities find help when needed to combat mental disorder.”

Now, she’s gaining popularity for her YouTube channel, Faraday Ghana, which currently has over 350 subscribers. “It’s more about redefining the perception society generally possess about women football,” she said. “The channel is (one) of the many projects I intend to undertake to help women football in Africa become more lively.”

In addition to her usual video content, Faraday was a part of Echoes From The Past, a call-to-action video that featured Ghana national team star Elizabeth Addo. Discussing the powerful video that you can see below, Faraday explained, “It profiles the experience of a young female football players in society. Perception about female soccer has been quite misconstrued due to certain social constructs. Although the Ghana Football Association (GFA) has done enormously well in the past to shed to boost female football.”

“Yet, in our communities, it becomes very difficult to overcome a thick fog of resistance as a young girl decides to play football. Society mostly perceive football to be a male sport,” she continued. “Echoes From The Past challenges such perception, I want to positively uplift aspiring young females out there to continue to pursue a path towards becoming professional football players regardless of the resistance.”

“In fact, the piece is a projection of the future from past. I’m glad it is well received worldwide and I hope the central message strikes an accord with young girls. They also deserve to be empowered. Empowerment to me, means not going where the path may lead you, rather, creating your own path to lead others into fullfilness. Echoes from the Past marks a paradigm shift in conversation about women football, it is beginning of much more greater things to come.”

Another compatriot of Faraday’s was on the center stage in the United States as the NWSL played their Challenge Cup this summer. Jennifer Cudjoe was a breakout performer for Sky Blue FC as they made a surprise run to the semifinals. Faraday explained, “Jennifer Cudjoe is an incredible football player. I must admit, she has set a standard I believe most up and coming female football players in Ghana wants to meet. Jennifer has a remarkable future ahead of her, I’m glad she’s doing so much better.”

Where does Faraday see her own soccer journey taking her? “I envision myself playing in or outside the continent of Africa. In the absence of that, I want to move into Europe or North America to play in their female football league,” she said. “My long term goal however is to highlight female football in Africa. I share the believe that female football in Africa ought to revitalized. The next generation of female football enthusiasts has to find a reason to support women football. And I think I’ve a role cutout for me to play to ensure that happens.”

She lists players like Marta, Adjoa Bayor, Tobin Heath, and Alex Morgan as some of her favorite female players that have helped inspire her, adding Asamoah Gyan as another great inspiration, due to his composure under pressure from fans after mistakes. Gyan and Bayor are both notable soccer figures in her native Ghana.

With such passion to help her country on multiple levels, there is obviously some deep love between the promising soccer player and the coastal country in West Africa. Faraday explained what makes Ghana special to her and what Americans should know about her native country. “Ghana is special because it’s a free country, the spirit of itself is resoundingly welcoming. Americans must know Ghana is peaceful, diverse in rich culture and Ghanaians are generally humorous. The country has changed since the 20th century, it currently embodies a destination worth sojourning.”

If it’s up to Faraday, women’s soccer will continue to grow and evolve in her beloved Ghana and I wouldn’t count her out of accomplishing anything she puts her mind to.

Carson A Merk

Reporting live from Sin City, I have covered both RGVFC and Las Vegas Lights FC since their inceptions. I also write profiles to highlight players from the NCAA to USL to NWSL and everywhere in between.