Get Ready For The 2018 USL Season!

Get Ready For The 2018 USL Season!

USL’s 2018 season kicks off in less than 2 months and fans are ravenous for any news they can find about their favorite teams.

“The USL is like the Wild West when compared to other professional leagues, and that makes it really fun and appealing.” said Mike Sparks of the Beautiful Game Network (BGN), “With 33 teams playing this year, 4 announced to join in the next few years, the addition of a USL third division starting in 2019… soccer is exploding in North America.”

Many fans of USL teams have different outlets where they can get their news.  BGN is the proud home of 13 different local market shows as well as the league wide USL Show:

“What we’ve seen is that the best content isn’t coming from local news outlets, or even the teams themselves.  It’s the fans that have stepped up and are writing great articles and producing great podcasts about the teams they love.  Their passion is pushing them to create the kinds of material that they themselves would want to consume, and that’s making it unmatched in the industry.”

A driving goal of BGN is to support the fans so that they can create amazing content that is shared with their communities and helps grow the beautiful game.  Whether it’s by helping them get started in podcasting, covering their hosting fees, or giving them the exposure to they need to get going, BGN strives to do all we can to ensure that fans can continue producing amazing content well into the future.

Are you a fan of a USL team that’s not covered by one of the shows above and are interested in getting started in podcasting? Do you already have podcast for a USL team and aren’t part of the network yet? In either case contact us about joining BGN in time for the USL’s 2018 season!



Mike Sparks

In addition to watching, coaching, and occasionally playing soccer, Mike also enjoys talking all things soccer over at the Mon Goals podcast. Go give the show a listen and let him know what you think