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No Mean Soccer: From Dane Kelly Country returns this week to discuss who could be playing in Memphis as well as answering a listener question!

In the first half of the show, Richard and Brian try to dive into the mind of Martin Rennie and decide who should be starting week one in Memphis? They break down everything position by position and get into a heated discussion about the midfield, whether or not Matt Watson as the captain should be starting, is it too early to be starting Cam Lindley? They also announced their first (in season) Know Your Foe with the guys from 901 Pod!

In the second half of the show, the guys hear from a listener through their official voicemail box! The listener asked:

Does wanting to see soccer in America succeed and Thrive but also reveling in the dumpster fires that are Nashville make me a bad person.

Also, I often point to them as perfect examples of why Indy should never want to jump to MLS. Can you guys come up with any good examples of why maybe we might want to thanks love the show. 

All of this and more on this week’s edition of No Mean Soccer!

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Brian Cook

Brian has followed Indy Eleven as a supporter since their birth and began covering the team in a number of capacities in 2015. He can be reached at or @SoccerwithBrian on Twitter.